Bolsa de trabajo

3-yr Post-doctoral fellowship available at the Mechanisms of Peripheral Tolerance Unit, San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy (SR-TIGET). Milan (Italy).

Silvia Gregori   26-03-2017     Milan, Italy.  


A three-year post-doctoral fellowship is available starting from January 2018 at the Mechanisms of Peripheral Tolerance Unit at the San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy (SR-TIGET), San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy. SR-TIGET is a world-wide leader Institute in the development and clinical application of cell and gene therapy-based approaches for the cure of genetic diseases. Major interests of the Unit are the mechanisms underlying immunological tolerance, which is responsible for maintaining tissue homeostasis and avoid adverse immune responses in several settings, including allogeneic bone marrow or solid organ transplantation, autoimmune diseases, allergy, and gene therapy.

Applications should be sent before May 31th, 2017.

Full details in the attached PDF.



Three postdoctoral positions are open in Carolina Tafalla´s team at the Animal health Research Center in Valdeolmos (Madrid).

Dr. Carolina Tafalla   25-03-2017     Madrid, Spain.  


Three postdoctoral positions are open for highly motivated candidates with a strong background in immunology. The candidates will join Dr. Carolina Tafalla's team funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant “Teleost mucosal B1-like lymphocytes at the crossroad of tolerance and immunity” at the Animal health Research Center in Valdeolmos (Madrid, Spain). The contract will have a duration of 4 years starting sometime between September 2017 and January 2018. No teaching duties are associated with this contract.

Candidates must hold a Ph D in Biological Sciences (Biological Science (cell biology/life science/immunology/molecular biology) and have a strong background in immunology (not necessarily fish immunology). Experience in monoclonal antibody production, B cell immunity and bioinformatics will be highly valuable for specific positions.

The deadline for the application is the 30th April 2017.

Find full details in attached PDF.




Fundación para la Investigación Biosanitaria de Asturias (FINBA).   22-03-2017     Asturias, Spain.  


Funciones Específicas: Proporcionar a los usuarios del centro el servicio de Citometría y aislamiento de poblaciones celulares mediante tecnología “Cell Sorting” con el separador celular BD FACSAria II.

Requisitos: Título de Licenciado o Grado en Ciencias Biológicas, Bioquímica, Químicas (relacionadas con Ciencias de la Salud) o Técnico Superior de Laboratorio. Experiencia demostrable de al menos 1 año en el manejo de un equipo de citometria y aislamiento celular por “cell sorting”. Manejo de software de citometría y presentación de datos.

Ver todos los detalles de la convocatoria en el PDF adjunto.

Fecha límite de presentación de solicitudes: Antes de las 20:00 horas del 10 de Abril de 2017.



Postdoctoral research fellow position at the Immunology Service, Department of Laboratory Medicine, NIH Clinical Center, Bethesda, MD.

Sergio D. Rosenzweig   21-03-2017     Bethesda, USA.  


We have an opening for a post-doctoral fellow to carry out research in the field of primary immune deficiency and immune dysregulation disorders. The position is available immediately and the position is offered for an initial term of 2 years, with the possibility of additional years based on accomplishments.

The candidate must have received a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in Biological Science (cell biology/life science/immunology/molecular biology) and have experience handling human samples, primary cell culture, flow cytometry, and molecular biology tools.

Information about NIH postdoctoral fellows’ stipends could be found at https://researchtraining.nih.gov/

To apply, please send inquires containing a cover letter, CV with a description of previous research, list of publications and contact information for 3 references to Sergio D. Rosenzweig, MD, PhD, Chief Immunology Service, DLM, CC, NIH (srosenzweig@cc.nih.gov).



Postdoc position in Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute (Barcelona). Project: Blood formation from human and mouse pluripotent stem cells.

Pablo Menéndez   28-02-2017     Barcelona.  


Open postdoctoral position at Laboratory Josep Carreras in downtown Barcelona. The post is available from March 2017 for mínimum of 3 years (then, performance will tell).

Project: Blood formation from human and mouse pluripotent stem cells.

Salary is negotiable and commensurate with experience/seniority but is the the range 25.000-32.000 E/Year (gross salary) plus social benefits.

The candidate must have experience in hESC/hiPSC culture and differentiation, purification and expansion of human cord blood progenitors, and CRIPSR-Cas9 gene editing. Flow cytomtery, molecular biology, and experience with animal (mice) models of xenotransplantation is a must.


Pablo Menéndez PhD MBA
ICREA Research Professor
Principal Investigator
Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute
Associate Professor - University of Barcelona
School of Medicine. Barcelona University
Carrer Casanova 143. Barcelona 08036. Spain



Plaza de Facultivo Especialista en el área de Inmunologia Clínica del Servicio de Inmunología en el Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico (Hospital Clínic de Barcelona).   26-02-2017     Barcelona.  


Licenciado a en Medicina y Cirugía, Biología, Bioquímica o Farmacia (o cualquier otro grado compatible con la especialidad).
Especialidad: Inmunología.

Relación contractual: Contrato laboral temporal.
Categoría profesional mínima: Especialista.
Experiencia asistencial e investigadora en Inmunología Clínica. Experiencia en el Biodiagnòstic de Inmunodeficiencias Primarias.
Horario: de 09:00 a 17:00 h de lunes a viernes (40 h/s).

El plazo de presentación de solicitudes finalizará el 12 de marzo de 2017.

Ver todos los detalles de la convocatoria en el PDF adjunto.



PhD & Postdoctoral positions available in the Chemical immunology Lab, CIC bioGUNE (Center for Cooperative Research in Biosciences). Basque Country.

Alberto Fernández Tejada   07-02-2017     Derio, Bizkaia.  


All successful candidates should be:

-Motivated and interested in research at the chemistry/immunology interface.
-Good in written and spoken English.
-Open, proactive, able to develop individual projects and work in a team.

Deadline: March 1, 2017.

See full details in the attached PDF.



Se busca técnico titulado superior en el laboratorio de Inmunobiologia del CNIC (Madrid).

Dr. David Sancho.   03-02-2017     Madrid, Spain.  


Se ofrece una plaza de técnico titulado superior para trabajar en colaboración con el laboratorio de Inmunobiología del CNIC para el desarrollo de proyectos de investigación en el área de inmunometabolismo e inmunoterapia con células dendríticas.

Requerimientos imprescindibles:
-Licenciado/a en cualquier grado relacionado con Biomedicina y experiencia mínima de 2 años en las técnicas requeridas.
-Acreditación para la realización de procedimientos con animales: antigua categoría B/ actual Función C.
-Primer firmante en al menos un artículo de investigación en revista internacional con revisión por pares.

Fecha límite: 15 de febrero de 2017.

Ver detalles en el PDF adjunto y en el enlace:




The Immunology group of the University of Vigo (Galicia, Spain) offers four research positions and one for a laboratory technician.

Prof. África González-Fernández   02-02-2017     Vigo, Spain.  


The Immunology group of the University of Vigo, leaded by Prof. África González-Fernández is a very active group that has developed several projects. Currently her group is focused on different research lines (see document attached).

It is located at the Biomedical Research Center (Centro de Investigaciones Biomédicas, CINBIO) (www.cinbio.es), which is a multidisciplinary center that covers some of the main research areas in Biomedicine. It emerged to create a common infrastructure for biomedical experts from the University of Vigo (Spain), working on basic, applied and clinical research.

The Immunology Group offers four research positions and one for a laboratory technician, expecting highly motivated professionals.

Deadline: February 12.

See PDF for full details.



Call for 10 PhD positions in a H2020-MSCA-ITN-funded training program aimed at improving tumor-specific immune receptor function.

EN-ACTI2NG consortium   22-01-2017     Europe (several countries)  


The European Network on Anti-Cancer Immuno-Therapy Improvement by modification of CAR and TCR Interactions and Nanoscale Geometry (EN-ACTI2NG), formed by 12 academic, clinical and industrial institutions from Spain, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom offers a multidisciplinary training for 10 early stage researchers in the development and analysis of engineered tumor-specific immune receptors. This network, funded by the H2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Action program, emanates from recent clinical evidence that T cells expressing engineered tumor-specific immune receptors can eradicate tumors that do not respond to conventional treatment.

Deadline: May 1st, 2017.

See attached PDF for full details.