Bolsa de trabajo

Oferta Post-Doc en el campo de la inmunología del intestino humano en la enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal (Madrid).

David Bernardo Ordiz   04-09-2017     Madrid, Spain.  


El investigador post-doctoral realizará su trabajo bajo la dirección de los Dres. Javier P Gisbert (investigador clínico) y David Bernardo (investigador básico) en el campo de la inmunología del intestino humano en la enfermedad inflamatoria intestinal (enfermedad de Crohn y colitis ulcerosa).

Para ello, se incorporará a la Unidad de Enfermedad Inflamatoria Intestinal del Hospital Universitario de La Princesa (http://www.eiilaprincesa.org), un referente nacional e internacional con alta producción científica en el estudio de dicha patología, que se encuentra a su vez integrada en el Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red de Enfermedades Hepáticas y Digestivas (CIBERehd).

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INMUNOTEK SL, laboratorio farmacéutico especializado en vacunas terapéuticas e inmunomoduladores bacterianos, ofrece puesto en laboratorio de control.

Inmunotek SL   01-08-2017     Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)  


INMUNOTEK SL, laboratorio farmacéutico especializado en vacunas terapéuticas e inmunomoduladores bacterianos.

Plantas en San Sebastián de los Reyes y Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

Se ofrece puesto en laboratorio de control. Contrato indefinido con salario acorde a experiencia. Seguro médico a cargo de la empresa.

Requisitos: Licenciado en Farmacia con especialidad en Inmunología. Conocimientos de Normas de Correcta Fabricación (GMP). Inglés.

Fecha límite recepción de ofertas: 30 de Septiembre 2017



POSTDOCTORAL CONTRACT in Dr. López-Botet Lab (Barcelona). Molecular basis of the adaptive NK cell response to human cytomegalovirus: role of viral factors.

Dr. Miguel López-Botet   28-07-2017     Barcelona.  


Job description:
Development of experimental work with human lymphocytes and cell lines infected by cytomegalovirus (CMV). Genetic and proteomic analysis of human CMV strains. Mutagenesis of HCMV BACmids. Experience in Molecular Biology, preferably related to Immunology and/or Virology. Background in Bioinformatic analysis positively considered.

Minimal requirements:
PhD Thesis accomplished. Documented experience in Molecular Biology, preferably related to Immunology and/or Virology.
Experience in Molecular Immunology and/or Virology

Contract conditions:
The selected candidate will obtain a contract for 27 months. Gross salary will be negotiated according to the level of PhD professional experience (max. 30.348/year) plus Social Security costs

Send Applications before September 25th.



Postdoctoral fellowship to join the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Molecular pathways of HIV-driven immune activation.

Dr. Marta Catalfamo    01-07-2017     Washington, USA.  


The research interest of the laboratory is to understand the molecular pathways of HIV-driven immune activation, the main player in the pathogenesis of the infection. Particularly, the studies are focused in elucidating the mechanisms involved in the activation of the CD4 and CD8 T cell pools that leads to immune dysfunction and failure to viral control. Projects will involve using a murine animal model of viral infection with a strong translational component.

Postdoctoral applicants should hold a Ph.D. and/or M.D. in immunology and with no more than five years of previous postdoctoral experience are encouraged to apply.

Experience in infectious diseases animal models, cell isolations from tissue, cellular immunology techniques, multi-parameter flow cytometry, fluorescence imaging, molecular biology, and working in animal models is highly considered.

Applicants must be willing to work under Biohazard Level 2 Safety conditions with HIV-1 and other viruses.



Post-doctoral position in the Immunometabolism lab of Prof. Ho at the "Ludwig Center for Cancer Research" (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Professor Ho   20-06-2017     Lausanne, Switzerland  


We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral candidate to join our lab in Immunometabolism Lab. Immunometabolic regulations orchestrate immune responses in both innate and adaptive immune cells during vaccination, infection and tumorigenesis. However, the detailed understanding of the underlying mechanisms by which immunometabolic regulations modulate signaling pathways and epigenetic landscape of immune cell remain largely unclear. To this end, both new experimental and computational approaches are playing an important role for exploring these questions in new dimensions. The task of the recruited post-doc will be to elucidate mitochondrial dynamics in immune cells during infection and in the tumor microenvironment and help understanding how these processes influence signaling cascades and epigenetic reprogramming in immune cells.

Starting date: Between October 1st 2017 to March 1st 2018.

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ViviaBiotech is seeking a research scientist to join a group studying tumor immunology with an emphasis on develop tools for in vitro assays.

Daniel Primo   25-05-2017     Tres Cantos (Madrid)  


· Candidates with a minimum of a PhD in Biological Science with 2+ years experience in immunology or tumor biology.

· The qualified candidate will be a creative individual that possesses substantial experience in immunological techniques, multi-color flow cytometry and T cell culture.
· The candidate should be able to work independently, and demonstrate the ability to contribute to projects outside their own. They will keep up-to-date in the literature related to their area of expertise and act as an expert resource within the immunology and research team.

Type of employment contract:
· Full-time employee with a permanent contract.

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The Department of Animal Science, Aarhus University (Denmark), invites applications for a professorship in Nutritional immunology.

Aarhus University   24-05-2017     Denmark  


The professor's main activity will be to conduct and develop research, establish research-based teaching and to contribute as an expert consultant to the Danish authorities.

The main research area is nutritional immunology with focus on e.g. gut health and disease resistance. With this professorship ANIS wants to strengthen the academic leadership of this area, and to enhance research and innovation nationally as well as internationally. The professor is expected to stimulate, and coordinate research and innovation activities on immunology, development of immunity and infection biology with special emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion.

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Two Postdoctoral positions are offered at the laboratory of autoimmunity led by Dr. Pere Santamaría (IDIBAPS, Barcelona).

Dr. Pere Santamaria   15-05-2017     Barcelona.  


Two postdoctoral positions are available at Dr. Pere Santamaría ́s lab for a project focusing on the preclinical development of a new therapeutic platform for the treatment of type 1diabetes.

The project will involve the generation human hematopoietic chimeras in NSG mice and the use of immunological techniques to determine the therapeutic potential in type 1 diabetes of a recently described nanomedicine.

- The candidate must hold a PhD in biomedicine, chemistry, biology or related fields.
- Experience in immunology and autoimmunity.
- Experience in murine models of autoimmunity.
- Experience, not required but desirable, in generating of hematopoietic
chimeras to study the immune system, with special emphasis on
- Potential to establish new immunological techniques and procedures to
address complex immunological problems.

Deadline: 10th of June 2017.

See full details in the attached PDF.



PhD positon in Cardiff and Bristol Universities: Role of tissue-resident monocytes (Mtr) in wound healing.

Professor Bernhard Moser   12-05-2017     Cardiff / Bristol   


Tissue-resident monocytes (Mtr) have not been published. We find that they are present in substantial numbers in peripheral tissues of man and mice. Mtr share with blood monocytes their responsiveness to the tissue chemokine CXCL14, which is the reason for calling them at present tissue-resident monocytes (Mtr).

This project aims at 1) discovering the function of Mtr, and 2) examine the role of Mtr in tissue repair processes.

Deadline: 8 June 2017 at 09:30.

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La Unidad de Infección Viral e Inmunidad del Centro Nacional de Microbiología (Madrid) busca candidato para contrato Río Hortega 2017.

Dr. Salvador Resino   05-05-2017     Madrid, Spain.  


Descripción de la oferta:
Contrato de formación en investigación Río Hortega para profesionales que hayan finalizado el periodo de FSE – AESI 2017.
· Plazo aproximado de presentación de solicitudes: Mayo-2017.
· Fecha de incorporación: Enero/Febrero-2018.
· Duración del contrato: 2 años.

Línea de Investigación:
· Infección e inmunidad en pacientes coinfectados por el VIH/VHC: desarrollo de fibrosis y cirrosis, activación crónica del sistema inmune, SNPs asociados a eventos clínicos, biomarcadores plasmáticos, resistencias naturales del VHC, etc.

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