IUIS (International Union of Immunological Societies)


IUIS Newsletter - June 2017

IUIS Central Office   23-06-2017   http://mailchi.mp/kit-group/iuis-online-and-around-the-world?e=3c21d38e44    


IUIS Newsletter - June 2017 Summary:
1) Vice-President's Address focused on the Committees.
2) The announcement that the IUIS official journal "Frontiers in Immunology" improved their Impact Factor of 6.429. This puts it amongst the top cluster of immunology-specialized journals.
3) The IUIS Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) committee met in February 2017 to develop the current listing of primary immunodeficiencies, now renamed as inborn errors of immunity.
4) Day of Immunology 2017 results.




“IUIS Without Borders” Newsletter with a new format.

IUIS Central Office   25-03-2017   http://us10.campaign-archive2.com/?u=b92a48d3ee8bd7233369c4b9a&id=2d628b724f&e=3c21d38e44    


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Here enclosed you will find the “IUIS Without Borders” Newsletter with a new format. Over the past few years, efforts have been made to improve communication within IUIS. It is part of a comprehensive strategic effort by the Presidency and Executive Committee as indicated our website. The Newsletter will serve as a communication tool within our community highlighting the activity of Committees. Committees are the backbone of IUIS and I am sure that I interpret the feelings of all of us expressing our gratitude to Committee Chairs and Members for their dedication and efforts.

We start with a report from our Education Committee, a major thrust of our effort aimed at fostering Immunology with a focus on developing countries. We will also be giving you updates on the other IUIS stakeholders such as the National Society Members and Regional Federations. But also our Partners & Affiliates, such as Frontiers in Immunology, the official IUIS Journal. In




Carta del nuevo presidente de la IUIS (International Union of Immunological Societies), Alberto Mantovani.

IUIS Central Office   12-11-2016   http://www.iuisonline.org    


En esta carta el profesor Alberto Mantovani, recientemente nominado presidente de la IUIS, repasa las sedes de los próximos congresos y anuncia las principales acciones que quiere llevar a cabo durante su presidencia. Destaca el fortalecer el vínculo entre las diferentes sociedades que forman parte de la IUIS y potenciar la revista Frontiers of Immunology (que ya cuenta con un IF de 5,6).